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Enable manual band selection on Netgear MR1100

By default on Netgear MR1100 mobile router doesn’t allow manual band selection / locking on device settings but there is way to add band selection to Netgear via telnet-console.

On this instruction, i use EU-version of Netgear MR100 and firmware version NTG9X50C_12.06.03.00.

Check supported 4G CA combinations on another article.

Access via telnet to Netgear MR1100

To add bands to your Netgear MR1100 device, you must first connect Netgear router to your computer via USB-cable.

To access telnet, you have to have USB Tethering enabled.

This instruction doesn’t  work on WiFi or Ethernet-connection. 

Then on Windows use Putty to access router. By default IP-address is and Telnet port is 5510.

Click to Open to open telnet-console. You should see black area on Putty. Now you can start type AT-commands to console.

Show current connected network information

See active connected mobile network information with AT!GSTATUS? command


This command should print something like this

Current Time:  740              Mode:        ONLINE
System mode:   LTE              PS state:    Attached
EMM state:     Registered       Normal Service
RRC state:     RRC Connected
IMS reg state: No Srv

LTE band:         B7
LTE bw:           15 MHz
LTE Rx chan:      3275
RSSI (dBm):       -48.5
RSRP (dBm):       -75.9
RSRQ (dB):        -9.8
RSSNR (dB):       14
Tx Power (dBm):
LTE Cell ID:      XXXXXX
Physical Cell ID: XXX
TAC:              XXXXX


Show current band selection list and supported bands

Use command AT!BAND=? to see Band Selection list and supported bands of your device.


This command should print something like this:

Index, Name,                        GW Band Mask     L Band Mask      L ext Band Mask
00, Auto,                           0002000004C00000 000001A0080800C5 0000000000000000
01, WCDMA All,                      0002000004C00000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
02, LTE All,                        0000000000000000 000001A0080800C5 0000000000000000

                                                     0000010000000000 - B41
                                                     0000008000000000 - B40
                                                     0000002000000000 - B38
                                                     0000000008000000 - B28
                                                     0000000000080000 - B20
                                                     0000000000000080 - B8
                                                     0000000000000040 - B7
                                                     0000000000000004 - B3
                                                     0000000000000001 - B1
                                    0002000000000000 - B8  (900)
                                    0000000004000000 - B5  (850)
                                    0000000000800000 - B2 (1900)
                                    0000000000400000 - B1 (2100)


Adding band selections

First, you can only add 8 band selections to device only. That should be normally enough. To add, just run band selection line with copy pasting it to telnet terminal from our site.

Just use same values on AT!BAND=? u see on Supported Bands, just remove 0 before hexadecimal value. If you like try add some combinations, you have to calculate these with NV Calculators.

B1 Selection:

AT!BAND=03,"LTE B1",0,1

B3 Selection:

AT!BAND=04,"LTE B3",0,4

B7 Selection:

AT!BAND=05,"LTE B7",0,40

B8 Selection:

AT!BAND=06,"LTE B8",0,80

B20 Selection:

AT!BAND=07,"LTE B20",0,80000

B28 Selection:

AT!BAND=08,"LTE B28",0,8000000

B38 Selection:

AT!BAND=09,"LTE B38",0,2000000000

If you like remove some of above, please use this command (change number <number> to line number).


After adding or removing bands on list, you can check list with AT!BAND=? command. You have to reboot your Netgear MR100 to see bands on GUI-interface.

95 thoughts on “Enable manual band selection on Netgear MR1100”

  1. Thanks so much. Having an issue with setting band 66 on my nighthawk it’s in the L ext Band Mask.

    Index, Name, GW Band Mask L Band Mask L ext Band Mask
    00, Auto, 0000000004C00000 000020003000085F 0000000000000002
    01, WCDMA All, 0000000004C00000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000
    02, LTE All, 0000000000000000 000020003000085F 0000000000000002

    0000200000000000 - B46
    0000000020000000 - B30
    0000000010000000 - B29
    0000000000002000 - B14
    0000000000000800 - B12
    0000000000000040 - B7
    0000000000000010 - B5
    0000000000000008 - B4
    0000000000000004 - B3
    0000000000000002 - B2
    0000000000000001 - B1
    0000000000000002 - B66
    0000000004000000 - B5 (850)
    0000000000800000 - B2 (1900)
    0000000000400000 - B1 (2100)

  2. Christopher Smith

    I Believe maybe try Band 4 Hex since Band 66 is a off shoot of Band 4.. I had same issue.

  3. This only work while router is connected to the pc via usb?

    One more question, I use ATT in the United States. So do I still put in Telnet and port 5510 to connect to the m1? I cannot get it to connect.

    1. I have tested this only with EU-model and this require connect via USB. You have to enable USB Tethering on Netgear WebGUI to able connect via Telnet to RouterIP port 5510.

  4. Alvin Roy Nemenzo

    Hi! This is awesome article. Which exact EU MR1100 model you are using?

    MR1100-100EUS (Europe Unlocked) or
    MR1100-1EEEUS (EE UK)

  5. Alvin Roy Nemenzo

    Hi! Awesome article. Thanks for sharing. Which exact EU MR1100 you are using?

    MR1100-100EUS (Europe Unlocked)
    MR1100-1EEEUS (EE UK)

  6. By setting these bands, can you modify the router to work better in the USA? And visa versa?

    1. This instruction doesn’t help modify bands on your device. This only help to lock some specific band what your device already support.

  7. Is there a way to choose 2 bands or even 3 bands for the aggregation? For example I want it to always use B1 and B2.

  8. Piotr Jankowski

    Thank for good article. I have try to combine to bands with below instruction:

    AT!BAND=AT!BAND=03,”LTE B3B20″,0,80004

    I put on the list but finally it doesn’t work ;-/ Both Bands B3+ B20 are workes separatelly but together not.
    Where is mistake?

    ps. I have try to register band number 10 (AT!BAND=AT!BAND=10,”LTE B3B20″,0,80004) and it passed with OK status but M1 could not start properly. I could use only telnet console. On the M1 screen there was nothing and www interface could not run.
    I have try two times with the same result.


    1. You can add only 01-09 – not 10 on AT!Band list. That is some limitation on Netgear so if you want B3+B20 support, you have to replace existing value.

  9. Thanks for your reply, I have the M2 and seems the commands of this article and old devices do not work.

    But adding a space after the AT sometimes works. Like AT !GSTATUS? will work, but doing the same command posted on your article will give an error. For adding a band, none of the commands work (adding space or without space) BUT I figured if i write the whole

    Not working
    AT!BAND=07,”LTE B20″,0,80000

    For example (notice the space after the AT and also the whole command written)

    AT !BAND=03,”LTE B20 800″,[,80000,0]
    AT !BAND=03,”LTE B20 800″,[,80000,0]


    But after the AT !RESET nothing is saved. I tried passing multiple bands and parameters.

    Any idea?

  10. Answered by own question. For any band that is in a third grouping like Band 66 you just add another comma and your total.

    AT !BAND=00,”All Bands”,4C00000,20003000285F,2 (This includes bands 14 and 66 too.)

    1. This is just instruction how to make possible “lock” device to specific bands. But it’s not CA-lock – just allow multiple bands make CA possible (Non-Contiguous combos)

  11. Paul Marty Rosales

    Sir thank you. I successfully combined only 2 bands. Better than before however cant seem to successfully add 3 bands as my telco have band 1 3 and 28. Whenever i check the telnet console AT !GSTATUS? Only 2 bands are detected. My code is like this AT!BAND=09,”LTE B1B3B28″,0,8000005 but only 2 detected. I believe this mr110 router can have 4CA.

    1. Maybe Netgear M1 doesn’t support B1+B3+B28 CA-combo? Even device is 4CA, more important is CA-combos. I don’t know all CA-combos of device.

      I think also you have Telsra model of M1?

  12. Paul Marty Rosales

    Yes sir i have the telstra mr1100 this model.supports band 1 3 7 8 28. If this router doesnt suport 1 3 28 combo then that is a bad sign. Ill try to ask netgeat about this. Thanks 4 ur response!

    1. Also maybe not every mobile tower have licence for 3CA example – i have seen multiple bands on tower, but it do only 2CA max example. So 3 band tower doesn’t mean it’s 3CA.

  13. Nicholas Landry

    How do i “total” to get ca values? I need band 66 twice then band 12 as that’s what ingot from the mr1100 via telenet with at!gstatus?


    1. You just add B66 + B12. B66 include Contiguous CA if MR1100 support that CA combo. I don’t really know supported combos of M1.

  14. Nicholas Landry

    How do I add the values together, simple math? Then how do some get letters or decimals??

  15. My B2 and B66 both have the same numbers for the selection, 0000000000000002, and I’m trying to just lock down B2, but I’m pretty sure my router is trying to use B66 when I use this, because it’s not connecting at all when I add the selection, however when it normally connects to B2 without me trying to force it, it does so fine.

    Also, if I want to connect to one of the band with the different MHz, say your B2 1900 in the example, how would I do that. I tried putting mine in the same way I would the others, and while the others worked fine, the ones like these refused to show up in the list. Thanks for your time and help.

    1. There is no way to lock specific frequency on Netgear. You can only to specific band / bands… Just calculate values with NV Calculator.

    1. You cannot add more band support to your device. You just can lock bands listed on when run AT!BAND=? command.

  16. I assume there is no possible way to enable bands that are not supported in the return from the AT!BAND=? command or does the hardware just not have the ability if it isn’t listed? These Telstra versions are cheap but they are missing B40 which is a real pain. For LTE they only support.
    0000000008000000 – B28
    0000000000000080 – B8
    0000000000000040 – B7
    0000000000000004 – B3
    0000000000000001 – B1
    Anyway, it was a great read, thanks for posting it up.

  17. Paul Marty Rosales

    sir, I have one question. Do you have a solution to prioritize band 28 to make it the pcc for b3+b28 combo. the reason why is because even its a b3+b28 combo, most of the time when I check the status its always b3 + b3..rarely its b3 +b28. thanks!

    1. Please test, i have only EU-version. However AT&T version support different bands so this instruction doesn’t add more bands.

  18. Hi!
    First of all thanks a lot for your sharing: your tutorial is really a good reading.
    If I may, I would like to to share 2 important things.

    (1) There is a bug in firmware NTG9X50C_12.06.03.00 that do not allow to use more than 9 bands. If you try more than 9 bands M1 stops working: the device will hang during reboot.

    (2) How to define LTE aggregation bands?

    we have the following commands for bands B20, B3, B1 and B7.

    AT!BAND=03,”LTE B20 800″,0,80000
    AT!BAND=04,”LTE B3 1800″,0,4
    AT!BAND=05,”LTE B1 2100″,0,1
    AT!BAND=06,”LTE B7 2600″,0,40

    If you want to aggregate 2 or more bands, what you have to do it is a simply hexadecimal sum.

    e.g. sum of 4 bands: B20+B3+B7+B1 we have the command line

    AT!BAND=07,”LTE 800+1800+2600+2100″,0,80045

    where “80045” is obtained from

    0000000000080000 (B20)
    0000000000000004 (B3)
    0000000000000040 (B7)
    0000000000000001 (B1)

    = 0000000000080045

    other examples with 3 bands:

    AT!BAND=08,”LTE 800+2600+2100″,0,80041
    AT!BAND=09,”LTE 800+1800+2600″,0,80044


    1. Yes 9 filter max due firmware bug.

      I recommended use NV Calculator (HEX) to define other bands than listed. You can also add multiple bands on same “group”.

      Example B3+B1:

      AT!BAND=04,”LTE B3+1″,0,5

  19. Can i ask for a Huge Favor, the Grace of GOD i was able to add most of the bands that you posted on here. The Newest M1 from AT&T supports Band 0000200000000000 – B46 . i double check on Telnet. However i have no idea how to make the bands as you made above Example – B1

    AT!BAND=03,”LTE B1″,0,1

    I have no idea how to make that. Can you please make the Manual badn for me so i can Copy and Paste?

  20. can someone please i need info..
    id like CA or group B2+B12+B4+B14+B66
    is this possible?
    for att m1 gen2

    1. If hardware support that combo. I only have EU-version so i don’t know what combos US model support. You can calculate NV-value (HEX) with NV-calculator.

  21. hi can you help me, i want to CA band for b3 1800 and b7 2600 ,, what is command for it , i not good in this . i want to copy and paste if available, my nighthawk m1 telstra version,unlocked can use malaysia telco DIGI,

  22. Hdhakldjxnsk Hdkdkd

    Hi for nik Izzu band will be like ( B3+B38) = ( 0,4+ 0.2000000000 ) = ( 0.2000000004 )
    So at command ( AT!Band=03,”B3/1800+B38/2600″,0.2000000004

  23. alright , but mine is band 7 not band 38 , i tried do it myself and the result is this AT!BAND=03,”LTE B7+B3″,0,44
    does it right? that what i write in the command , is it correct?

  24. jnoblerealtor

    Can u help me please. I connect with putty and AT!BAND=? command works. But getting error when sending the band commands. I am in usa and really need this. Thanks in advance!

  25. jnoblerealtor

    Hey bud, I go into putty but when i send the AT!BAND=? it shows me the bands. But when i type any of the band commands i get an error. I am solely connected through usb. For example i send command AT!BAND=05,”LTE B7″,0,40 and get error. Please help and thanks in advanced.

  26. Isaac Espinal

    There isn’t anything about entering a password? should there be something about a password?

  27. A couple of questions. Could you expand this just a bit more and show how you are using the information such as I wanna do band 12, I open nv calculator and pick band 12 then hit it so it converts to hexadecimal. But when I enter that sum(0800) such as AT?Band=4″LTE B12″,0,0800(or just as 800), Nothing shows up as a selectable band in the modem after restart. I added Band 2 and 5 which show up as selectable bands, but when I do it drops ATT as a network and changes to “Default network”. Once I change back to auto ATT is back as network. Unlike some I don’t want you to give me the answer, I want you to explain how your getting to the answer. Your just saying use NV calc, that’s fine, but your giving some band references, but not showing how your using the NV calc and what your doing with that data once you get it. It will stop a lot of people from asking you for the answers lol. Some of us aren’t mathletes 🙂 My last question is I somehow accidentally removed LTE ALL as line 2. That is an answer that no NV calc will give you of how to re-add LTE ALL back to the drop down menu? Thanks in advance. …US Netgear nighthawk MR1100
    PS in case you didn’t gather I have 0 problem using PuTTY to access the router. I just suck at math.

    1. The command you used does not sound right, AT!BAND=04,”LTE B12″,0,800,0 can be used to set only B12 and whether it works or not, depends on the carrier if they allow you to just stick on that band.
      LTE All for MR1100-2A1NAS is AT!BAND=02,”LTE All”,0,20003000285F,2
      I only have 2A1NAS, for 100NAS, taking B14 out should work

      You should be able to get all supported band list by AT!BAND=?

      Even if you can add custom band(s) from menu, it does not mean it will work once you pick up that combination, the modem FW would block you from that selection if the HW does not support, all these custom band would need to try with the carrier of your SIM card, might not apply to all the carrier, and models of MR1100.

    1. I have the ATT branded M1 but I can’t seem to add the bands. When I run AT!BAND=?, B28 shows up but it is not a selection in the GUI only LTE ALL is in the drop down. I use AT!BAND=08,”LTE B28”,8000000,0 then restart the router but nothing shows up in the GUI. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated. I am in the Marshall Islands and they only have band28 and my router isn’t connecting

      1. The problem is not the last ,0 but missing the ,0 right after your “LTE B28” which is used for WCDMA band mask

      2. Please check your AT&T branded M1 support B28 with AT!BAND=? command. Can you post output here? Remember in US there is no B28 bands available.

    1. Sorry should of explained a bit more. Copy this and enter AT!BAND=? Is Band 28 listed??? If it is then copy AT!BAND=08,”LTE B28″,0,8000000 in the panel right click then hit enter. If Band 28 is not listed, you can’t use that hotspot. These commands just make what you have listed it CANNOT add a band that is not listed as useable by a hotspot.

      1. Hi John so I see B28 when I do the AT!BAND=? listed. I copied and pasted into putty AT!BAND=08,”LTE B28″,0,8000000 then closed putty disconnected the router, restarted it, logged in and all I see under cellular all I get in the drop down is AUTO and LTE ALL

        1. How many bands have you added. what I am gathering is none. So try AT!BAND=03,”LTE B28″,0,8000000

  28. Works great on ATT sim, for some reason it kept jumping to band 66 which was much slower than band 2. Now I have it locked on band 2. Wondering if any other bands are even faster? lol

    1. @OC, I have ATT netgear with B14, mine is selecting B30 and works but when I do speedtest will go to B2 and its way faster then B30 but right after speed test will go back to B30 from B2 so in short B2 gets used till is doing speedtest and goes back to B30.
      i have Netgear m1 with B14 from BestBuy using Att as service, how do I lock the B2 please and thank you.

  29. @OC, I have ATT netgear with B14, mine is selecting B30 and works but when I do speedtest will go to B2 and its way faster then B30 but right after speed test will go back to B30 from B2 so in short B2 gets used till is doing speedtest and goes back to B30.
    i have Netgear m1 with B14 from BestBuy using Att as service, how do I lock the B2 please and thank you.

  30. At&t M1 all bands, in this case mine from putty. need help for B2 how to add please

    0000200000000000 – B46
    0000000020000000 – B30
    0000000010000000 – B29
    0000000000002000 – B14
    0000000000000800 – B12
    0000000000000040 – B7
    0000000000000010 – B5
    0000000000000008 – B4
    0000000000000004 – B3
    0000000000000002 – B2
    0000000000000001 – B1
    0000000000000002 – B66
    0000000004000000 – B5 (850)
    0000000000800000 – B2 (1900)
    0000000000400000 – B1 (2100)

    1. B2 can be added with the command AT!BAND=03,”LTE B2″,0,2 assuming you are only adding this on top of default band regions

    1. William Wang


      AT!BAND=03,”LTE B2/B4/B5″,0,1C, you should revise the “03” right after “AT!BAND=” to the other index, such as 04, 05..,etc. if 03 is exists and you don’t want to override it.

  31. Hello good afternoon, my netgear is telstra, I use it in Mexico, with telcel I download 4g, but att only wcdma, I want to use it in att, I know it must be band 4 and that is what I want to add could you please support me with the command to add band band 4 I know that it is band 4 because I have another router but att original and when I enter advanced options it tells me that it is in band 4 lte. thanks

    1. William Wang

      Telstra model, MR1100-1TLAUS, does not support Band 4, it is limited by the hardware itself, nothing can be change from setting or firmware. You need to buy one ATT model as it might be the only model supporting band 4.

  32. i try this method and success adding the band , but is it really work ? i add 4G+ band but dont it working or not,and at the Current Radio Band still showing LTE B3,, can you check please,, here is the pics —- https://imgur.com/a/oS77MBQ

    1. William Wang

      Web interface, in Diagnostics, only shows primary band, if you like to confirm if B7 is supported by the carrier, or the tower, you can try to create one entry with B7 only, if it gets connected, then you have B7. But if you like to confirm if B3/B7 CA is supported or not, you need to push some traffics and issue AT!GSTATUS? command in parallel, it will show you if both band is supported as CA combination with that carrier/tower.

    2. In the picture your custom band selection shows B3+B7, and the status shows that it’s connected to B3, which is perfectly fine.
      Carrier aggregation (4G+) happens at the command of the tower, and NOT you. Just keep in mind, that all your can do is specify which bands are AVAILABLE, but you cannot specify which band combinations the tower will use. Again, this is perfectly normal.

  33. I am wondering how can you tether the the USB port or is it tether to the USB-C port, which makes more sense. I am not able to login using putty with the USB-C even though it brings up a box.

  34. Thanks so much! I was locked to B66. I had B4, B12, and B66 available according to cellmapper dot net. B4 had a little better results. Is it possible to change the APN this way? It is currently “BROADBAND”. I would like to change it to “nxtgenphone” so it will possibly have speeds of my phone. I added a new APN, but it wouldn’t accept the “nxtgenphone” setting on this device.

  35. I’m trying to remove the one i just added and is not working is this correct?
    AT!BAND=,”LTE B66″,0,2
    I want to remove it because is not locking down this band probably not enough signal.
    Is giving me error when I hit enter

  36. You need to specify the option number you were adding for this entry, for example, AT !BAND=03,””,0,0,0
    B66 needs to sit on second LTE mask, AT !BAND=03,”LTE B66”,0,0,2

  37. Hi guys, so after a bit of research, I have the M2 EU version and I was able to lock bands. Although I saw somewhere that only 5 in total allowed, which means that with the 3 existing only 2 more can be added, unless you do replace the others I guess.

    I’ve tried to add a 6th band but not working.
    4&5 return OK, 6 returns error no matter what I put.

    For those asking the command for M2, here it is:

    AT !BAND=03,”LTE B1 2100″,0,1,0

    NOTE that there’s one more 0 on the command, and also there’s a space between AT and !BAND, don’t know why, don’t know how, but that works.

    AT !BAND=? Will also work
    AT !status?

    Also works.

    Now, I’m not able to find other commands that would allow other options. I would like for example an automatic restart every night of the router but it hasn’t got that option. I would also love to be able and say either use internal antenna or external antenna.

    Do any of you know how we can do this (if we can)?