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Modify OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, 8 and 8 Pro NR/LTE-A band combos

On this instruction we will modify OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, 8 and 8 Pro band combo profiles with Qualcomm software. OnePlus has limited 5G access and LTE Ca combos and we will unlock this.

You can check supported combos here:

This instruction is tested with OnePlus 7 Pro 5G (GM1920), 8 and 8 Pro.

After November 2019 update FactoryMode is removed from OnePlus-phones so this instruction doesn’t work anymore without installing EngineerMode apk manually. 


  • USB-cable between your desktop and phone
  • On desktop you need have OnePlus driver installed
  • QPST-application. Please find application from internet

On phone you have to dial to *#801# and enable Rndis, diag switch. Don’t enable Serial-interface if you have installed apk manually.

Connect your phone to your computer via USB.

Open then QPST-application. You should see now your phone on port list automatically. If you don’t see your device on QPST-application, please verify you have Qualcomm Diagnostics Driver installed. It should install automatically from Windows Update to your device. You can download and install Drivers also manually.

Open Start Clients -menu -> QPST EFS Explorer. Select your device and wait a moment.

Then go to policyman directory and on directory copy carrier_polixy.xml file to your desktop.

Before edit any files, make backup all files what you will modify.

Now you can modify band limitations and CA combos to XML file.

Adding 5G support to own network

OnePlus just limit RAT capability on carrier_policy.xml file so just add to rat_capability section “5G” to enable 5G NSA.

	   <ue_mode> CSFB </ue_mode>
	    <rat_capability base="none">
          <include> C H G W L 5G </include>
		<rf_bands base="hardware"/>
		<svc_mode> ALL </svc_mode>
		<freq_list list="default" />

And add “5G” to every rat_capability sections

   <rat_capability base="none" >
	<include> G W L 5G </include>

For OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro you may have to add nr5g_sa_bands and nr5g_nsa_bands to rf_bands_default section.

   <rf_band_list name="rf_bands_default">
	<gw_bands base="hardware" />
	<lte_bands base="hardware" />
	<tds_bands base="hardware" />
	<nr5g_sa_bands base="hardware" />
	<nr5g_nsa_bands base="hardware" />

After modify file, please make sure XML syntax is correct and upload file back to phone. Reboot your phone and then your phone load latest configuration. On OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro you may have to enable 5G NR via ##4636## -> Phone Information -> Set preferred network type.

If you switch SIM cards on your phone or you update operating system, you will lose all modifications.

You can confirm 5G-support when you are in 5G-area:

  • You should see 5G icon on statusbar
  • You can see on CellMapper App 5G Available (SIB2 ULI) true. Also you can see NR in application screen.

You can see your OnePlus is connected to 5G on CellMapper App.

32 thoughts on “Modify OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, 8 and 8 Pro NR/LTE-A band combos”

  1. The factory Mode is no longer available by dialing *#801#, somebody said that Oneplus disabled it in the latest software update.
    I tried to install the Engineer Mode APK, it runs, however it crashes when I try to select Serial.
    Then, after dialing *#801# I can enable only Rndis,diag switch, but it’s not possible to enable Serial.
    As a result, the QPST application on the computer doesn’t detect the phone.

    Is anybody else affected by this problem? Have you find a solution to this? It would be really appreciated.

    1. I had a similar issue Mike. If you try leaving cable plugged in before hitting Rndis button that worked for me. Didn’t need to touch serial as it just crashed for me too. Make take a try or two to get it working though.

    2. Seems this instruction doesn’t work anymore without installing EngineerMode APK. On current firmware don’t enable serial like before. Just enable only and enable rndis only. Then your should see Qualcomm interface open on Device Manager.

  2. The Factory Mode menu is no longer available by dialing *#801#, somebody said that Oneplus removed it in the last software update.
    It’s possible to install the Engineer menu APK, it looks working, however it crash when enabling Serial.
    As a result, itòs not possible to enable Serial and the QPST application doesn’t detect the phone. It’s not possible to complete the procedure on this tutorial.
    Does anybody else is affected by this issue? DO you have a solution for this? It would be really appreciated.

  3. I have update the carrier_policy.xml (I had to to install the Engineer Menu APK and to select the rndis,diag switch but not serial).
    However, the phone is still unable to find any 5G network.

    The carrier_policy.xml file is a complex XML file and there are several occurrences of the rat_capability element. I have added the ‘5G’ capability to all of the them (all ccurrences that originally were ‘G W L’), however the 5G is still not working.
    I am in UK and I have a 5G enabled sim from O2.

    I guess this is the part of the carrier_policy.xml file that interests the UK:

    G W L 5G
    L W G

    As you can see, I’ve added the 5G capability. What else I can try? E.g. Do I add 5G to the rat_order as well?

    Also, at the top of the carrier_policy.xml there is this fullrat_config section:

    G W T L C H


    Do I need to add 5G here as well?

    Has somebody managed to get this working?

    1. Don’t add in rat_order section. Just add rat_capability section where is already G W L like screnshot on top.

      Here is example how i enabled 5G other networks

    1. There is no way to post tags here comment section but you can post link to screenshot or include here with html img tag.

  4. I have several occurrences of the rat_capability element, e.g. this is the first one:

    I didn;t add the ‘5G’ text into the first occurrence because it was not similar to the one shown on this article. Do I need to add the 5G into this rat_capability?

  5. I have in total 20 rat_capability elements into the carrier_policy.xml file. I have added the 5G text to all the ones that were originally reporting G W L.

    Some examples in the following pictures of the current version of my carrier_policy.xml:

    Do I need to add 5G to ALL occurrences of the rat_capability element?
    What do you suggest I should try?
    If you want to have a look to the entire xml file I can share it.

  6. Still not working, no 5G networks found. These are the versions of carrier_policy.xml from my last 2 attempts:

    May it be that my carrier_policy.xml is different from yours? e.g. It looks like that my define_fullrat_config element doesn’t have the ue_mode into actions.
    Can you share your carrier_policy.xml? Let’s try to understand why in Finland works and in UK doesn’t work.

    1. Sorry for delay but i don’t see any error on your configuration. Here is my policy file https://pastebin.com/1tjNRuJk but i for now i can’t verify it works because DNA haven’t opened their 5G network for consumer. Atleast for our test we saw NR message on NSG so then 5G should be enabled.

  7. Thanks MINH for sharing your carrier_policy.xml.
    I’ve uploaded your version on my phone and it works (of course, I’ve added the 5G tag on the rat_capabilities).

    It is different from the version I found on my phone, e.g. there is no reference to UK networks on your version.

    I found another weird thing: If I manually scan the available networks, the phone doesn’t show any 5G network, however it finds the 5G network in background and connects to it, I am sure of this because I get the small 5G label on the signal indicator on the top right of the screen, also I tested the speed and I’ve reached 230Mbps, then it was definitely a 5G network.

    Any idea why it doesn’t show the 5G networks when I manually search the networks?

    1. You can’t see 5G networks during network scan because NSA network can’t connect directly. NSA require LTE connection. Speed doesn’t really confirm 5G network connection – only way confirm it with Network Signal Guru Application.

  8. Hi MINH can you explain how the CA combinations string work? like I would like to add a 5ca rule 1-3-3-7-7with upload band1, what I found on cacombo.com is 1A2A-3C2-7C2, but in oneplus’s carrier_policy.xml it writing with -0, -1 or -2 ending, how do I know the right format to add those CA combos.

  9. Muhammad Faisal

    Dear Brother ,

    Can any one share the modified 5G carrier_policy.xml in the pastebin.
    I need to compare the with my ONE PLUS 7 pro GM1920.


    1. On OnePlus there is own custom carrier policy for every network. You can export these from firmware if you like.

  10. Why do I have a 5G display as you do, but only LTE is displayed in the software, and NR is not displayed. Does it mean that some software in the table does not correspond to 5G, so I wrote LTE?

    1. To see 5G on your OnePlus 7 Pro 5G/8/8 Pro you have to be connected tower where have 5G enabled and have UpperLayerIndicator in SIB2 message. Otherwise you don’t see 5G icon.

      1. Hi, Minh,

        I try to export the file from my oneplus 8 pro but the band combo string is 3A4A-1A4-m3.
        May I know the mean of the m3?

  11. Great tutorial. Many thanks! My carrier supports also NR on N1 besides N78. I added 5G in the file, however 5G is still not selctable from the settings menu. What I’m doing wrong ?

    1. You can enable 5G on ##4636#*# menu. You still have 5G enabled and when you go to 5G area you should see 5G icon if your plan allow connect to 5G.

  12. Ok, this is weird. I can see the upper layer indication set to true in SIB2 via NSG, however I don’t get any 5G. I know, that my subscription is enabled. As far as I know, there should also be the supported nr bands listed in the ue capabilities sent towards the eNodeB like:
    bandNR-r15 : 78
    bandNR-r15: 1

    This is also missing.

    Any idea?

    1. UE Capability Enquiry should have NR band request and your UE should send to eNB UE Capability Information message where included NR bands and also NR combos. Also when UpperLayderIndicator is in SIB2 you should see 5G logo.

  13. some lines like this < GWL> space in the beginning but not end should be like this < GWL 5G>


    can any one help
    or it does not matter

  14. we should add space after add 5G cuz there is

    GWL< space in beginning but not in the end
    it should be like this < G W L 5G>
    < G W L 5G >