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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy tell what data we collect, why and how to we use that data. We helping you how to prevent collect your data if you like.

Your connection to MT-TECH.FI Website has secured and encrypted with SSL/TLS technology (HTTPS) and DNSSEC.

Finnish version is the official version. If there are inconsistencies between Finnish and the English version, the Finnish version shall be complied with.


When out site users (logged users) posting comments to our website, we collect all comment form information, IP-address and browser version to prevent spamming to our site.

When site visitors leave comment to this site, we collect all comment form information, IP-address and browser version.  Hashed email address our site could sent to Gravar-service to verify user. Gravatar-service Privacy Policy is available here https://automattic.com/privacy/ .


If you upload images or other medias ot this website, you should avoid sent images what include location information (EXIF GPS). Our site visitors could download and see locations information.


When you leave comment to our site, you can choose save name, email and url-address to cookie. This feature make easier comment to our site again. This cookie will deleted automatic on 1 year.

If you have account on our site and you will login in, site will set cookie to keep login in. This cookie does on include any personal information and will deleted end of browser session.

Embedded media

On this site articles could include embedded medias (videos, pictures, articles etc…) from other third party sites.

These sites could collect information about you, use cookies and embed more media.


Our websites use OpenSource Matomo. Matomo saves the following information when you visit on our site.

  • IP-address, we anonymize your IP-address before saving to our database
  • Timestamp
  • Your browser UserAgent, example Mozilla/5.0 (Android 4.4; Mobile; rv:41.0) Gecko/41.0 Firefox/41.0
  • Refering information, where you come to our website and what search engine you use
  • Information your operating system, version and screen size

Data Sharing

Our site have many embedded medias. Please check their privacy policy.

Data Location & Protection

All data saved to Finnish datacenter’s and all server protected with firewall. Some data might moving in EU (secure connection), we do not send any data outside from EU.


Minh Truong
[email protected]