Koti » Enable B28 (700Mhz) Band on Nexus 5X-phone

Enable B28 (700Mhz) Band on Nexus 5X-phone

LG or Google has enabled B28 only few region. We checking configuration and figure out to enable this easily example in Finland.

Normally B28 is enabled only there region and networks:

  • Australia: Telstra, Optus
  • New Zealand: Spark
  • Taiwan: FastEasTone
  • Argentina: Movistar, Claro
  • Panama: CW Panama
  • French: (all networks)

With this instruction i help you  to enable B28 every networks without limitation.

First make sure your Nexus 5X phone is rooted.


Please enable under Developer Tools USB-Debugging on your Android-phone. Then connect your phone with USB-cable to your desktop.

Open adb shell:

adb.exe shell

Enable Qualcomm modem mode

bullhead:/ $ su
bullhead:/ $ setprop sys.usb.config diag,adb

Now adb shell connection disconnect automatic and you must install Qualcomm drivers. Please lookup Device Manager on Windows and find Hardware ID what looks like ”MI_04”. Download drivers here: Mi5_Qualcomm_Drivers.zip. Install this driver manually and select qcmdm.inf file.  Please check also instruction for Sony XZ.

Open QPST-application and go to Start Client -> EFS Explorer. Then go to policyman directory and copy carrier_policy.xml file to your desktop.

Edit this file on Rule 10: <rf_bands sub=”1″ list=”rf_bands_all” />

Copy file back to policyman directory and reboot your phone. Install Network Signal Guru Application to verify B28 band working. Make sure your ISP support this band on your area.

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  1. Is this possible for a Snapdragon 625 device Lenovo P2? There are 2 variants of this phone China and Global. Maybe I can also unlock the Global bands in my China variant?