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Modify Sony Xperia 1 LTE-A band combos

On this instruction we will modify Sony Xperia 1 band combo profiles with Qualcomm software. Sony smartphones have software limitation and we will unlock this.

We have table of supported CA combos:

This instruction is for Sony Xperia 1 and newer phones. If you have Sony XZ2 or older, use this instruction. Before you follow instruction, make sure you have already rooted Sony smartphone. Be careful, because this can make your device unusable.


  • USB-Cable between your desktop and pyhone
  • On desktop, you must have platform-tools downloaded and drivers for your Sony phone
  • QPST-application. Please find application from internet

Please enable under Developer Tools USB-Debugging on your Android phone. Then connect your phone with USB-cable to desktop.

Open command line and run adb shell -command:

.\adb.exe shell

enable Qualcomm modem mode:

J9110:/ $ su
J9110:/ # setprop sys.usb.config rndis,eng_mode,adb

If you phone prompt “Allow Access?” dialog, please Deny because this change setprop value back to default.

Open then QPST-application. You should see now your phone on port list automatic. If you don’t see your device on QPST-application, please verify you have Qualcomm Diagnostics Driver installed. It should install automatically from Windows Update to your device.

Check on Device Manager you have Qualcomm Diagnostic Driver installed. You can download and install Drivers also manually.

Open Start Clients -menu -> QPST EFS Explorer. Select your device and wait a moment.

Then go to policyman directory and on directory copy carrier_policy.xml to your desktop. If you have Dual SIM version, you should see also carrier_policy_Subscription01.xml file. This is for second SIM-card.

Before edit any files, make backup all files what you will modify.

Now you can modify band limitations and CA combos to XML file. After modify file, please make sure XML syntax is correct and upload file back to phone. Reboot your phone and then your phone load latest configuration.

Disable Xperia System Service

I recommended disable Xperia System Service on Xperia 1 phone so then it doesn’t load default configs when you swap SIM-cards with Disable Applications [Root] -app.

Modify band support

There is rf_band_list every network. on <include> there is defined bands what is supported per MNC. Here is example Finland and i have added 37 (B38) and 39 (B40). Add +1 to number to know what is real band number.

Modify CA-support

Below you should find your serving CA combo list. There you can remove and add more combos. On screenshot i have removed all Upload CA enabled combos to make sure have best DL experience.

12 thoughts on “Modify Sony Xperia 1 LTE-A band combos”

    1. france wongprasert

      You’re the best. Thank you for adding my country to your table! It appears that the Xperia 1 already supports all the important CA combos here by default it’s nice to know that there is no need add or modify anything to get the best possible speeds that the network allows across all 3 major ISPs here. Even low bands like B8 gets 4x4MIMO which is even better. you’ve helped me make my final decision and now I have the Xperia 1 is right in my hands 😀 I have to say, the LTE speeds I’m getting is noticeably better than my previous phone. Upload CA, 4x4MIMO can finally work at the same time for 3CA B8-B3-B1 and I can’t wait to shatter local records with this device 😉

      Speaking of


      Those are really nice combos but unfortunately, B1 and B3 are not configured for CA by “dtac” (not even B3+B1 is allowed). Currently, only intraband CA is allowed on B40. 3 contiguous B40 carriers, each with 20MHz bandwidth can be aggregated giving you an enormous total bandwidth of 60MHz. Nearly every B40 base stations are 4x4MIMO ready too(except indoors.) Another bad news is that currently, all towers that uses Nokia equipment (including my nearest tower) suffers from some kind of optimization problem so a portion of B40 must be temporarily turned off until they get some kind of “software update” from Nokia. Right now, only 40MHz is available. Still, even after reducing the bandwidht, Rank 3 and Rank 4 are still highly unstable even under excellent SNR conditions. As far as I know, Urban Towers that recieve upgrade during ‘phase 1 expansion’ uses Ericsson equipment performs a lot better on B40. Someone managed to achieve 595 mpbs with just B40 with Ericsson station. Almost no one can go past 300mpbs with nokia. Seems like it’s time for me to hunt for the Ericsson towers! 😛


      Your 800mbps+ result is very impressive! I’m not sure if I’m able to beat that ^^

  1. france wongprasert

    Thank you so much for this 🙂 I am currently looking for a phone that will allow me to achieve Maximum throughput and I think this phone will do the trick. Would you mind adding the CA combos for tha_mccs (520) as well?

    1. Now sheet have tha_mccs (520) added.

      There are best combos i think with 4CA 4×4 MIMO:


      Should offer good speed 🙂 You can also remove / add combos from default list to your mccs so then you can maybe get better throughput. X1 is very good phone to get high speed, my best result is 800Mbps: https://wp.me/p92Xl7-Q6

  2. Sir i have Mi A1 i successfully enabled band 40 intraband CA using qxdm but for interband if i enable it results in unstable signal. Can you suggest any way ? Please reply.

    1. With Xperia 1 that is not recommended because then you wouldn’t get best performance. It’s recommended have best combos enabled on your device, max 128 same time.