Koti » Elisa replacing Nokia 5G towers to Huawei in Helsinki – over gigabit speed in 4G network

Elisa replacing Nokia 5G towers to Huawei in Helsinki – over gigabit speed in 4G network

Elisa has replaced Nokia MassiveMIMO 5G towers to Huawei. On our tests (in Finnish) Nokia MassiveMIMO 5G towers didn’t work well compared to Huawei towers so this maybe reason to change supplier. Elisa has in Helsinki Area massive 4G and 5G network update. You can follow timetable in Elisa site (in Finnish).

Elisa Huawei MassiveMIMO 5G tower in Postitalo (Main Post Office) Helsinki roof. Before there was Nokia MassiveMIMO tower but now it’s removed.
5G EN-DC -coverage in central of Helsinki

Also 5G coverage has improved after equipment switch. We achieved in Aleksanterikatu over 900Mbps speed with Samsung S10 5G-phone.

5G Speedtest result in Aleksanterikatu with Samsung S10 5G phone.

Over gigabit 4G speed!

In Citykäytävä Helsinki (near of Citycenter) Nokia 4G tower has been replaced to Huawei. After upgrade the B1 (2100MHz) bandwidth have upgraded from 10MHz to 20MHz. Now this tower has 60Mhz bandwith on 4G with 4×4 MIMO support. 5G 100MHz TDD-bandwith works also on this tower. This kind of Huawei tower and antenna solution we haven’t seen before in Finland.

Physical MIMO 4G and 5G tower. Tower has 4G band B1 (2100MHz) + B3 (1800MHz) + B7 (2600MHz) and 5G band n78 (3.5GHz)

On perfect spot we reached with Elisa Mobiililaajakaista 1000M plan 1Gbps download speed on 4G network.

Screenshot of NSG app


4G speedtest result in Citykäytävä with Sony Xperia 1 phone


in Vantaa Elisa already use on newest 4G and 5G towers Huawei equiqments and now in Helsinki Nokia MassiveMIMO has replaced to Huawei 5G towers. In Vantaa we already reached 1Gbps speed on 4G network so also in Helsinki 4G and 5G network performance will improve after tower upgrades. In Espoo Elisa will continue with Nokia 5G towers and there 5G is much slower than in Helsinki or Vantaa. In Espoo Elisa uses same Nokia 8×8 towers as in Lahti (in Finnish).